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Dear Friend. No matter where you are, I’m sure COVID-19 pandemic has affected you and your business in some way. In most cases, the Gov has issued forced lock down to keep people safe. The global / national economy has dramatically decreased because of this lock down. Needless to say brick & mortar businesses also faced tremendous loss since people weren’t coming out.

Since getting into crowd seemed life threatening, so having a meal at a restaurant / cafe weren’t peoples top of mind. I’m sure like any other business, you might have switched to the home delivery module to survive. If you do since every other person is doing it, you might face competition or already facing it. Now that family function is out of option the bulk order comes rarely as well.

I don’t know what actions you are taking in this situation, but I would like to know. If you don’t mind sharing, please feel free to comment below and let us know. When demand is less than supply, you will face heavy competition and less profit margin. In this situation when resource and demand are both limited (since people prefer to make their own food at home). I’m sure you can use some ideas to increase sales.

Before I start sharing the idea, let me be optimistic and say whatever happens you will get this through. If God keeps us healthy and safe that means he will help us to get through hardship as well.

The idea I’m going to share with you is something I applied a year ago to my client’s business. Who’s restaurant was dying out of business. He was begging me if I could help. So it is literally a case study what I’m going to share with you and you are feel free to copy that 🙂

First of all I asked him about his menu, what are the best sellers, he told me a few items. Then I asked what your closest competitors are selling well. They told me about a few names. I saw a pattern, problem one was found out.

Then I asked how long you have been open? He said a number, I found the competitor had a head start of a year than them, issue two was found.

Then I asked, are they doing home delivery? they said no. I noted problem no 3.

I looked at their interior and found it was not cozy, problem number 4 found out. Finally, I looked at their Facebook page and saw a ton of problems.

After noting down all the problems I told him, I would take his responsibility if he is willing to fix all the problems and make changes. He agreed. We made some changes, not all though. Yet after 2 weeks I started promoting some offers on Facebook slaes increased. One thing noticed when i was promoting offers, the sales increased by 80-100%. But when we stopped, the sales dropped. I saw the brand loyalty is missing. Now for a restaurant old not more than six months, it’s normal to have no brand value. But it was their failure that they didn’t maintain a good customer relationship management system. Most restaurant owners make this mistake, they do not maintain a relationship with their customer outside restaurant. That’s a million dollar suggestion right there.

But in order to make the business survive, I was discovering an idea. The idea which will give them not only a lot of sales, but also the breakthrough signature about their brand. Then I came up with the fusion burger. You see burger is a common item like many others. Not everyone is selling gourmet food or have great brand value. But a lot of people sell burger & they were selling burgers too. But my idea was to make a burger which is very cheap & easy to make, has the ability to produce in bulk quickly when necessary. Most importantly it is unique in taste and look, what no one was offering and voila! The “Tok-Jhal-Misty” (Sour-Chili-Sweet) Burger was born. We called it “Bomb Burger”. It was a 3 layered burger with one patty.

It sold out by afternoon on launching day and was booked for 5 birthday parties. We started promotion the night before. Next day people were in line outside the restaurant for fusion burger. The restaurant had to hire 3 extra kitchen assistants to keep up with the order from 6AM till 1AM in the morning.

You can see below the banner, the post result of first day and the reaction of the boys who’s eating

The was going well but again the owner made the mistake of getting customer data and maintaining a proper CRM system. Also, he stopped marketing & promotion after one week of huge sales. Now food is a daily commodity, it’s not something people will buy once and it will last for weeks or months. One can have burger everyday, even more than once. So what he should have focused on was to build customer loyalty program. Most business owners don’t focus on that stuff. I don’t work for him anymore, but I heard that he continued to have great sales until his competitors copied him. That’s the thing, you cant hold an idea unless you get a patent for it.

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The recipe we tried was a fusion I tried myself in my kitchen. The secret was to remix a concept which is practiced and give it a twist. It’s like going on a vacation. Think when we go out on vacation with our family, it seems our family bonding freshens up and get stronger. Same thing with food, make some changes to the recipe and you will get a different feeling. It’s all about creativity.

Still with me? Good! Because i’m about to give you another solid idea to boost your sell.

Before you go out and make a creative fusion food. Create a mockup of the food, take some photos and do a survey. That’s the secret to get a winning product. You never know which one will work unless you ask public opinion by creating a poll, you may need to use some app to do this. Create a Facebook post asking opinion about your product(s), do a paid campaign to get at least 100 responses. It will give you two things, one a sure way to know which product is liked by majority and two you will get an advance promotion.

Smart idea, right? Now go out there, get creative and proactive. If you don’t try new things, you will never know what it can do to your business.

There are few things to keep in mind, if you are promoting your product online and don’t want to waste budget, ask some expert. Also use a website which has a proper tracking system of your ideal customer and of course uses a CRM system. Maintain a relationship with your customers. Beside that, content marketing goes a long way.

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